Flower Bed Installation Guide for Pensacola

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*The majority of the plants listed are either native to this area, thrive is this area, or are most commonly available through local nurseries


Flower Bed Installation Guide

  1. Preparation
  2. Soil Amendments
  3. Weed Control
  4. Edging
  5. Plant Placement & Installation

Flower Bed Prep

1. Removing existing material

The existing beds are cleaned out. This includes removing weeds and unwanted vegetation. This may be accomplished by hand or with machinery.

Removing Unwanted Shrubs
Properly Amended Bed Soil

2. Soil Amendments

In some cases, fertilizer, compost, or additional soil may be added and tilled to provide the plants with additional nutrients and water retention.

3. Weed Control

Most installations call for a commercial grade weed tarp. This will eliminate approximately 90% of weed growth in the future.


Low Impact Tiller

Commercial Grade Weed Tarp


Flower Bed Edging

1. Steel Edging

The most economical, but heavy duty options is 4" steel edging. It typically comes in black, brown, or green.


2. Stone Edging

Flagstone or manufactured concrete block edging can be used to create beautiful and sturdy flower bed borders!


Flagstone Borders


Belgard Stonegate Wall Blocks

Plant Placement and Installation


In most cases, there will be a design provided to the client before the project begins. This enables proper planning for irrigation, lighting, and other featured that need to be installed before the plants.

We always encourage our clients to join us in placing the plants on their properties. If any changes need to be made, this is the time to make them!

Planting the plants!

We have a saying- "Right plant, right place".

Along with plant placement, it is very important how each plant is planted! Paying attention to the root ball, height of planting, mulch/pinestraw, and backfill should not be overlooked!


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