Irrigation System Installation in Pensacola

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An irrigation system is like an insurance policy for your grass and plants.

While many companies install irrigation systems, there is a license required to permit, install, and inspect irrigation systems in Florida.

Do I Need Irrigation?

This is a very common question. We often show up to provide a quote on installing plants or sod and discover that the client:

  1. Travels often/works late
  2. Has no interest in maintaining their lawn themselves
  3. Does not have a "green thumb"

If any of these sound familiar, then you would benefit from having irrigation!

An irrigation system is like an insurance policy for your grass and plants.


The majority of plants that client's find appealing are not native. This means that without additional care, they will not thrive.

90% of the battle is sunlight and water. If the plant does not have one or the other, there is a high likelihood that it will struggle or die.

All of the grass, plants, and trees on your property are competing for resources, much like animals and people do. They all want: Sunlight, Water, and Nutrients.

Since most of the plants and grass that are installed residentially are not native, the native weeds (plants you don't want) have a natural advantage.

The best way to combat weeds is to keep your lawn and other plants healthy, so they can take care of themselves.

There is a snowball effect that happens without irrigation or normal watering.

  • Grass looks great for a long time
  • Extended Drought (no rain) usually happens 2x per year Part of the yard gets scorched, dry, and stressed
  • Weeds take advantage of struggling area
  • Weeds grow and germinate, spreading seeds and reproducing More weeds grow, germinate, kill the grass, and the cycle continues

Irrigation helps prevent this from happening!

Types of Irrigation

Types of Irrigation Heads and their applications

Rotors Heads

Can spray up to 30ft on normal pressure

Best for turf areas

Most cost effective



Can spray up to 15ft on normal pressure

Very Even Coverage

Best option for slopes


Drip Irrigation

Ideal for shrubs and trees

Minimal wasted water

Typically more delicate due to more piping being exposed


Irrigation Installation

Irrigation systems are typically design based on several factors:

  • Type of plant being watered (sod/shrub/tree)
  • Total Area and shape of area
  • Total Water Pressure and Gallons Per Minute Available
  • Client Preferences

There are many ways to design and build an irrigation system, and no one way is right, but many ways are wrong! Things to look out for:

  • Pipes buried too shallow
  • Thin walled pvc for valve boxes

Irrigation Installation

Trenching- after the utilities are marked, and the design laid out, a trench is dug for the pipe. Generally pvc schedule 40 and 200 is used for irrigation in our area.


Installing pipe- after the trench is cleaned out, pvc pipe is installed. The ends are glued together with pvc cement.


Backflow- A backflow is required by code, and is installed between the water line and the irrigation system to create a one-way system.


Irrigation Installation

Valves- the valves are installed after the backflow. These are connected to your controller with low voltage wire to turn your zones off and on


Installing sprinklers- In most cases, the pvc lines are connected to flexible pipe before connecting to the sprinkler. This prevents the pvc from breaking if a vehicle or lawn mower hits the sprinkler

Controller- The sprinkler controller is connected to the valves. This allows automation and hands free watering. Wifi options are also available!


Backfill/cleanup- After the system is flushed, pressure checked, and adjusted, the trenches are backfilled and your installation is complete!

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