Lawn Care

Serving Pace, Pensacola, & Gulf Breeze, Florida

We provide complete residential and commercial lawn care services.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

At A Cut Above, we don't simply mow lawns—we sculpt outdoor masterpieces. Serving Pace, Pensacola, and Gulf Breeze, Florida, our full spectrum of lawn care services caters to both commercial and residential properties. Experience the seamless expertise of professional lawn care and join the ranks of property owners who trust us to transform their outdoor spaces.


Commercial Lawn Care

We recognize the significance of your commercial landscape in conveying the professionalism of your business. Our commercial lawn care services are customized to present your property as an immaculate, inviting space. Whether it's corporate parks or retail landscapes, our offerings include:

  • Precision mowing and edging
  • Seasonal cleanups to maintain year-round perfection
  • Customizable flower bed designs that align with your corporate identity
  • Routine mulch and pine straw installations to enrich soil and elevate curb appeal
  • Expert plant design and installation for a lively, professional ambiance

Residential Lawn Care

Ensure that the exterior of your home gets as much attention as the interior with our residential lawn care services. Every blade of grass deserves meticulous attention, whether you have a cozy backyard or expansive grounds:

  • Consistent mowing to keep your lawn neat and tidy
  • Comprehensive blowing to leave your property spotless
  • Precise edging for a crisp, clean-lined lawn
  • Shrub trimming to uphold a neat, manicured landscape
  • Flower bed weed control to allow your plants to thrive
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Healthy Lawn Program

Introducing our Healthy Lawn Program—a comprehensive defense system for your lawn against the elements and pests. Our recurring treatment regimen adapts to seasonal challenges, ensuring your turf, shrubs, and trees stay vibrant and healthy. This program includes:

  • Weed, fertilizer and pre-emergent applications for a weed-free, nutrient-rich turf
  • Pest control solutions targeting fire ants, mosquitoes and other outdoor nuisances
  • Disease management for trees and shrubs to prevent and treat common ailments
  • Aeration services to enhance nutrient absorption and root development
  • Organic top dressing for the ultimate natural boost

Irrigation Maintenance Program

Keep your landscape's hydration system in prime condition with our Irrigation Maintenance Program. From winterizing in the fall to reactivating in the spring, we ensure flawless operation with regular checks for optimal coverage.

Ready to elevate your landscape with A Cut Above's professional lawn care services? Contact us at (850) 816-3521 for a personalized quote and experience the transformative difference of dedicated care.


Commercial & Residential Lawn Care Services

We provide complete residential and commercial lawn care services in the Pace, FL area. Call today (850) 736-9643

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