SOD Installation Guide for Pensacola

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SOD Installation Guide

Types of Sod

There are four main species of sod that we install in our area.

  • Centipede
  • Bermuda
  • St. Augustine
  • Zoysia
healthy zoysia sod lawn in pensacola
A Healthy Zoysia Lawn

There are four main species of sod that we install in our area.

  • Centipede
  • Bermuda
  • St. Augustine
  • Zoysia


  • Typically installed by builders on a budget
  • Does not do well in shade
  • Experiences Centipede Decline


  • Deep root structure very drought tolerant
  • Does not do well in shade Spreads very aggressively
  • Rarely installed residentially

St. Augustine

  • Grows quickly and is a deep green
  • Does well in partial shade
  • Susceptible to pests and fungus


  • All around most pest, drought, and shade resistant
  • Lower maintenance than St. Augustine
  • Soft, carpet-like texture

How We Install Sod

1. Sod Cutter

The existing sod is cut with a sod cutter. This tool will cut out the existing turf and weeds to a depths of 2.5-3". This simultaneously aerates the soil. Alternatively, we can till the soil with an attachment for one of our skid steer track loaders.

Sod Cutter

2. Debris Removal and Rough Grading

We remove the debris that was cut out, and haul it away to be disposed of. A rough grade is put on the property by an equipment operator.

Debris Removal
Debris Disposal
Rough Grade Work

3. Soil Installation and Final Grading

We typically install 1.5-2" soil to replace some of the topsoil that was removed. A skilled equipment operator is needed to final grade the property. Most residential properties require 18-60 tons of soil!

Soil Delivery
Final Grading
The Final Grade! Not as easy as it looks!

4. Installing The Sod

Residentially, sod typically comes on pallets. Each piece of grass is put down individually in a running bond pattern. This helps the sod grow together faster and help prevent erosion on slopes. In large open areas, the sod can be installed on large rolls to save on labor expenses.

Technician installing sod
Small Sod Rolls
Alternating Pattern for Sod Installation
Alternating Pattern for Sod Installation

Sun - Shade - Water

1. Sun and Shade

Sunlight and water is 90% of the battle. We will help you select the best option depending on your properties needs!

2. Water

We recommend that all properties install an irrigation system. There is a snowball effect that occurs with stressed lawns. A patch of grass will die, weeds grow, and then weeds spread. The weeds kill more grass, and the cycle continues. The best defense is a good offense! Our objective is to keep your property healthy enough to fight most of it's own battles!

Happy Lawn
Stressed Lawn
Weed Infestation

3. Initial Watering

Whether you have an irrigation system, or decide to water with a hose and sprinkler, initial care is critical to your new lawn's survival! Treat your new lawn like a baby. It needs a lot of your attention when its getting started, but becomes more independent quickly (thankfully much faster than kids!)...

Water twice daily for the first 3-4 weeks or until the sod can no longer easily be pulled up by hand. If you have ANY questions or concerns, give us a call. We are here to help!


We recommend running the irrigation until the sod is slightly squishy underfoot. The amount of time varies with each system or sprinkler. Do not soak your sod. Brown and crunchy is too dry. Wet means too yellow. If mother nature rains all day, you don't need to water your sod!

4. Long Term Irrigation and Sun


  • It is recommended that lawns in NW Florida receive 3/4" -1" per week
  • Shaded areas need less water
  • Water during early am hours 3-9am if possible
  • Do not water late in the evening so that excess water can evaporate
  • You can overwater grass! It is not easy to do with our sandy soils, but pay attention!


If you have trees on your property, make sure to keep the lower branches trimmed so sunlight can reach the lawn.


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